21.oktoboer 2012: Her kommer vinter
It´s been a while since last update. My form has been like a roller coaster. Some good periodes and some less good periodes. I`ve been hoping that my health issues will get stabil, but now, after two years of hoping; I understand I´m not able to be an elite speed skater again. A sad conclusion, but life goes on. I`ve got a job now, and since I`ve started 1st of October, I have to admit that the life of an top athlete is really priviliged... I want to thank all athletes for exciting duells on the ice and for all those who have followed and supported me over the years. Thank you!

20.mars 2012: Nye erfaringer!
A while since last update. My health is getting better and better, and soon I hope to be 100%. Taking tests every 5-6 weeks, and now my goal is to be able to train normally again in May. After the last 15months I know everything about beeing patient! It´s so boring, so now I hope my body will respond well to both training and medication, so I can have some really fun again! :) Last friday, I was competing in a 54km long cross country race. It`s called Birkebeinerrennet, and the course is from Rena to Lillehammer. It was a great day to go skiiing over the mountains, and I had a good time! Maybe I do it again. This has been my goal the whole winter, since I haven`t beeing able to compete in speedskating. It´s important to have something to aim for, and therefor I decided to try this event out. It was fun, but I hope I can do what I like the most next winter, speed skating!

5.oktober 2011: Endelig fine prøver
Now it`s 11 months since I was healthy. Yesterday I got a nice phone call that the tests are finally normal. I`ve felt much better the last 2-3 weeks and I´m happy that the tests confirm the feeling I`ve had. Still can the days have some variation. but in average it`s a lot better. Now`s the plan to do some more training and run some more tests in about 6 weeks.

04.08.2011: Sommer-is?
The last 15 (at least!) years, I have been at Hamar for summer-ice. This year I won`t participate, unfortunately my form is not that good. Don´t get me wrong, my health is better, but Speed Skating is so specific. If I can`t do it 100%, I rather use my time on something else. To my form is at a level where I can start to challenge my self again on technical skills. The summer is vacation time for many people, and I will spend some time with family and friends now, and work hard to get back on Hamar next summer. With the skates on!

30.6.2011: Oppdatering for juni.
June is soon over, and during the last month I`ve been able to train more and more. I`m still far away from my normal training form, but I`m taking some small steps in the right direction every day now. And I`m really happy for that. Now I can train every day, about 1 hour or so, without feeling empty afterwords. My biggest challenge now is not training too much or getting lazy... Had some beautiful days in Spain together with my familiy some days ago. Great to get some sun and enjoy the summer!

03.05.2011: Ny vår, ny start.
Long time since last update. I`ve been taking blood samples every month, and now the values are starting to get normal again. I`m happy for that, but it has taken quite a while. I can finally train again, but only easy stuff and without getting tired. After speaking with the doctors about this situation, I will try to do some training for the next 3 months and then see how my body feels. The doctors are unsecure what the last 6 months have done to my body and how my body will respond to training. The only thing to do is try and see.

02.02.2011: Ledige billetter Inzell
Available tickets for the WCh in Inzell in March! Possible to buy both hotel in centrum of Inzell and tickets for all the events. Contact my mum on +47 41 14 54 80 asap if you are interested!

01.02.2011: små steg....
Small steps in right direction! It`s been a lot of weeks since last time I felt some progress in my form. Now, I feel my form is getting an inch better every day. That`s great! I`m thankful for the litle progress and glad that I no longer have to sleep after a halv day at school. I`m prepared that it can still take a while before I`m 100% but hoping that each day now will make me a litle healthier. When I`m gonna try the blades again, I don`t know.

09.01.2011: Godt nyttår!
Happy new year! Three weeks since last update. I`ve now taken new blood samples, but unfortunately it doesn`t seem like the infection has become any better. Since last sample three weeks ago, there is no big difference. I`m not that surprised, I`ve not felt any better the last couple of weeks. During Christmas I`ve only trained 2-3 times a week, I feel that the body has a lot less enery than usual on the sessions and a slower recovery afterwords. This seems like a hopeless situation, and I`m not expecting to be able to compete more this season. I`m prepared for that, if the opposite happends, that will be a big surprise.

18.12.2010: Mareritt-start...
I`m still not healthy after an infection on the thyroid gland and cannot train hard or compete yet. When my next race will be, I don`t know at this moment. This is something that takes time to heal and I have no big expectations to start a race during the next 4 weeks.

7.12.2010: På`an igjen!
I`ve been starting training again, and think things is going better and better every day. Still, I`m not in top form, but I feel better. That is positive progress. For some training sessions, I`ve been using the cross country skiis. Beautiful to go skiing now, even if it`s a litle bit cold. People I meet in the course are smiling and beeing so positive! I hope I can try the skates again on friday, on Geithus, if it`s not too cold...

29.11.2010: Lett trening
I took some tests when I got back from Berlin last week, because I didn`t feel well. The tests indicates that the thyroid gland is probably inflamed. This makes me feel sleepy and not in the mood for doing so much training. I feel this situation as quite frustrating, because I`m not able to compete. But on the other side, I`m glad the doctors found out of it. For one week I didn`t do any training, now I can do some, and I hope in the end of the week I can do some good training sessions. My next competition seems to be the Norwegian Championships in Frogner (Oslo) 18th-19th of December.

19.11.2010: Ikke 100%
After getting to Berlin on monday, my body has not been 100%. This forces me to rest for some days and that meens I cannot skate the 3k tomorrow. Instead I will go home to Norway to try to find out why the body react like it does at the moment. I think this is sad, but I feel my body well and will not ignore the signals I get from it. It`s a long winter...

14.11.2010: Karamell og nye sjanser
Yesterdays race was a hard race. No tempos on three weeks because of the infection has to be the reason. Today I felt better on the ice and I´m hoping to do a much better race next weekend in Berlin.

10.11.2010: WC Heerenveen
I feel better after the infection, and have started training again. Yesterday I went to Heerenveen together with the rest of the national team. I was done with the antibiotics on monday, so now I can start pushing the limits again. I look forward to next weekends competition, the 3k on saturday.

Friday I went home from Stavanger, after only one training in the new rink there. I got ill and needed to get home to see the doctor. It turns out I have an infection and got antibiotics for it. After advice from the doctor, I have decieded not to compete next weekend in the Norwegian Championships. My first and most important priority is to get healthy, and since the winter just began I don't want to ruin the rest of it by racing now.

After beeing in Heerenveen, I spend one week at home before I went to Erfurt in Germany. I had a lot of training on the program and this week was the end of a very good training periode. Now I have a easy week with less training and more time to relax and do some other things. Trying to not think so much of training/skating, so the head get totally rest from it. Next monday starts the competition preparing periode. Less training, but with more quality. Wednesday I leave for Stavanger for team pursuit training, and will start in the Norges Cup saturday and sunday.

3.10.2010: Ready-set-go!
After 8 good training days in Holland, I`m heading home tomorrow. It has been fun to be on ice again, and to work on technical skills. I still have a lot easy endurance training, but now I also do some hardere workouts with some intensity. Yesterday I did skate my first race for the upcoming season. I did a 1000m and a 3k. Not a very normal combination, but I think it´s good at this periode. 1.21,45 and 4.16,27 was the result. I didn`t have much time between the two races, so I think the times are pretty ok.

15.09.2010: One week to go!
Only one week to go before I again take some days off. Still pretty much training, with some hard intervalls inbetween is how my week looks like. My body seems to respond quite ok to the total of all the training. Next week I`m gonna take it easy, get some energy back before I go to Heerenveen on the 26th of september. Not much news to write about, check out "bilder", I just posted some new pictures!

05.09.10: Så e d påan igjen!
After weeks with heavy loads of training, I took some rest last week. A week with easy training, and in other areas than I usually use. I went to the mountain again, and got an invitation to take part in getting the sheeps down from the mountains! That was not easy. I had to climb up several places, and was going up and down, here and there to get them home! But the weather was beautiful and the best thing was that I didn`t thought of training, so it was a good experience. Now I`m back on track, training is going well!

19.08.2010: 3 days left...
...before some rest! On saturday, I ran 5,1km during the annual Ringeriksmaraton. I used 21,23 on the distance, something that I`m happy with. I was doing some weights only 3 hours before, so I didn`t expect to get the good feeling. After this week of training, I will have some easy days off and do some other training. I`ve also started on school again, and this semester I will take 2 classes.

I`m home from Hamar again, after another week on ice. I will stay home till the end of September, then I go again for more ice training. The camp on Hamar was very good. I`ve been working really hard on some technical details, and I`m satisfied with the progress. Tomorrow, I will run a stage of 5,1km on Ringeriks Marathon. A race from Hole to my hometown Jevnaker. This year nearly 2700 people run this race, either beeing a part of a 8-man team, 4-man team, half maraton or the whole marathon.

05.08.10: Sommer-is på Hamar
As usual, I´m now at Hamar and Vikingskipet. Training hard and having fun on the ice. The periode I´m in now is quite heavy, but feeling still good makes me believe I will survive this time also! It´s a lot of volum, still, but also a lot of specific skating workouts. I´m staying here for five days, two periods.

26.7.2010: Lofoten
After only beeing home for one night, I went to Lofoten with my parents, sister and brother. We stayed for three nights and got to see a lot of the area. One day we went hiking on Himmeltinden (960meters over sea level) The trip took about 1,5 hours and the view on the top was amazing! The nature in Lofoten is something special, the big, steep and black mountains are coming up from the ocean. The area is also well known for its rich birds life, and we were lucky to see big eagles several times during our stay. I also got to do a lot of good training there, and both FriskHuset on Leknes and Svolvær was testet out!

26.7.2010: Lofoten
After only beeing home for one night, I went to Lofoten with my parents, sister and brother. We stayed for three nights and got to see a lot of the area. One day we went hiking on Himmeltinden (960meters over sea level) The trip took about 1,5 hours and the view on the top was amazing! The nature in Lofoten is something special, the big, steep and black mountains are coming up from the ocean. The area is also well known for its rich birds life, and we were lucky to see big eagles several times during our stay. I also got to do a lot of good training there, and both FriskHuset on Leknes and Svolvær was testet out!

Livigno was a beautiful place! First time I`ve been there, but for sure not the last! The place is at 1890 meters over sea level, and is surrounded by mountains. Livigno has several ski lifts, which makes it easy to reach 3000m, both summer time and winter time. You can hike from top to top, or rent a downhill bike if you want to go faster.

The training I did in Livigno was basically 2-5hours hiking. That`s good training when you`re up in thin air, you feel the altitude difference right away on your hart BPM. I think it was great to do some other training in other conditions, and last but not least have some days together with my boyfriend.

8.7.2010: Heerenveen
On monday I got home after 6 good training days in Heerenveen, the Netherlands. Thialf was open again, and I enjoyed beeing on the ice again. It´s pretty tough to skate again, in the middle of a lot of dry land work, so now I have some easy days at home. On saturday I go to Livigno, Italy, for a week. I will do a lot of base work there, both hiking and cycling. I wish you all a great summer!

During the Norwegian Championships on cycling, I attended in team pursuit over 30km. It was the first time in the history that a women team from my club attended in this event. Cool to be a part of the team who wins a bronze medal! It was so much fun to cycle, but it was very very hard and I had pain from start till finish!

26.05.2010: Long time...
Long time since last update. Much has happend. I`m done with my two examns on school. My brother, Sverre, has decided to retire from skating. And I have decided to say no to the training offer from the Norwegian Skatingfederation.

Now, the last couple of weeks, I`ve been trainig again. I`m still "saving" the speedskating sessions, because the most important thing for me now is to build condition again. Last weekend I was doing my first cycle race ever. 109k and with 70 other women. That was a challenge. I`m glad everything went ok. My biggest fear was crashing. It all went ok for me, I got to the finnish line with the peleton and got 25th place.

Now I`m spending some time to get the new program together. I`m not really done yet, but I hope everything are on place in some weeks. Now that my training buddy, Sverre, has retired, I need to find some others solutions. I think it`s a pitty that Sverre is no longer going to speedskate, but I understand him and respect his choice. But I hope he can join me on some training sessions when he`s not at work!

06.04.2010: Sesongen 2009/10
The season 2009/10 is over, and I`m pretty happy with my results. I`m been quite stabil on a high level, and placed 6th overall at the world cup ranking, only a point from the 5th place. 5th place overall in the ECh and 5th in the Olympics and Wch on 5k is something I`m also satisfied with.

Now I have some easy days at home and enjoying doing other stuff than just training and travelling. I would like to thank you all that has been following me this season, I appreciate it!

18.03.2010: Heerenveen
Last weekend was a big weekend for me. Sverre skated a fantastic race on saturday and was for the first time on the podium in a world cup race! I enjoy to see him succeed and do races that I know he`s good enough to do. That inspires me and make me believe that I can do well in the end of a long skating season. The day before, I skated 3k. 4.11 and 7th place was my result that day. just a normal race, nothing special. I think I needed this race for the following WCh-weekend. In the 3k/5k cup I ended up at place 6. That`s my best result ever. Now I`m preparing for the WCh. That`s the last race of the season. The boys starts tomorrow while we girls starts at saturday.

11.03.2010: NM allr. Bergen
The national championships in Bergen last weekend was a hard competition. After the 500m where I was very unlucky and had bad wind conditions, my chances for winning the gold were almost gone. Really boring, but that`s how it is, skating outdoor. A brief summary of the other distances: 3k was pretty good. 1500 was heavy! 5k was ok. I was feeling heavy the whole weekend, and jetlag is maybe the reason for it. I`m glad I have some more days before next race!

11.03.2010: OL i Vancouver
Now I can finally write something here again! The Olympics are over and I`m pleased with my races there. The 5k was my best race, with 5th place and 7.02,19 as the fastest time I`ve ever performed on a low land rink and season best, I have to be satisfied. The 3k was ok. I knew that I was short on time to get 100% for the 3k, after beeing sick some weeks before. 8th place and 4.10,01 was an important race to get in the right shape before the 5k 10 days later. Between my races, I left together with my brother Sverre for 5 days of training in Calgary. I`m happy I did it, it`s so easy to be stressed out when everyone around you are preparing for their olympic races and to get out of the olympic village for some days. My totalimpression of these Games are very good!


26.01.2010: Krysser finga...

20.01.2010: 5.pl i EM!
The European Championships was a great tournament for me. The 5th place in the samalong, is the same place as I got in my best year so far, in 2006. I`m happy I could perform so good, after training so much by Christmas time. So I hope I`ve reached a new level in the Olympics in February.

3k on saturday was that distance I was most satisfied with. I got a good rythm and feeling, something that is very important to notice and save in this periode I`m in now, with less training and races. 5k on sunday gave me also good answears. I skated a pretty consistant race and got 4th with only 0,8sec to the 3rd place. The 1500m was also a good distance for me. Last lap 32,5 was something positive! On the 500m it`s all about not making too much damage. I`ve been prioritizing the 3k and 5k this season, and in that way don`t been doing to much sprint or tempotraining.

I would also like to send a big "THANKS" to the supporter club "Team Haugli" for helping me around the track! The support I got from the 520 people going from my hometown to Hamar on saturday is something I will keep in mind, when I`m ready for on the starting line in Vancouver.

08.01.2010: GODT NYTTÅR!!
Happy New Year!! Now it`s 2010! I was celebrating new year with good training, the last day in a hard periode. I was tired in the end of the periode, but December was a great training month, and maybe the best one ever. I had a lot of nice cross country trainings after getting home from USA, and been able to train pretty good even if the temperature has been challinging low. Because of this I couldn`t do much training on ice, but I could do a lot of other good stuff on dryland.

Now I`m on Hamar and getting ready for the European Championships this weekend. I`m hoping for some good technical races, and espesially 3k tomorrow, saturday, is an important test. I`m excited to see how fast I am now, after a lot of training lately. I know a lot of people from my hometown is coming for watching, something I think is amazing and a good motivation for me!

25.12.2009: GOD JUL!!
Time is running, and now it`s Christmas again! I like Christmas celebration, and it`s a nice opportunity to meet family and friends.

Last year, December was a bad training month. I was sick and was using Christmas to get in to shape again. After taking some easy days getting home from USA, I`m now training normal again. I`ve been less on ice, and with more focus on dryland. I`ve also been using the skiis a lot now, that`s fun and good training.

I wish everyone Merry Christmas!

14.12.2009: God helg i SLC!
3k on friday was a new good race. I felt good technically and the two last laps was a bit better than last weekend. 4.01, 19 is only 85/100 behind my PB from Allr. WCh Calgary in March 2006. This race gave a new 5th place and now I`m placed 6th overall in the long distances cup (3k+5k).

Yesterday I skated a good 1500m. The time 1.57,14 is the second best time I`ve ever performed. Only 1.55,99 from the WCh above that is better.

10.12.2009: God 3`er i Calgary!
3k on friday was a very solid race. Actully 4.02,09 and 5th place is the second best I`ve ever done! Fun to skate in a technically good way and get a good rythmn from start till finish.

I cannot say the same on my performances on sunday, on the team pursuit. I fell after only 350 meters. When I suppose to put down my skate on the straight, my skaate was not there! No fun. But this is how the game is, in team pursuit everything can happend. In the crash, I hit my elbow and hip, but now everything feels ok again.

Now I`m Salt Lake City, preparing for the last world cup before christmas and the Olypics. I hope I can make a good technical race agagin!!

03.12.2009: Ready - Set....GO!
The days are flying away, beeing on training camp. Tomorrow I skate the 3k here in Calgary. I`ve done my preparations good, and am excited to see what I can do on this distance now. The technic has had the main focus, together with making the easy training easy enough. The ice feels good and now I`m starting to get used to it. It`s not the ice itself that is so fast here, it`s the altitude, 1100meters over sea level. That is something that is affecting the breathing as well…

26.11.2009: På vei til Calgary

17.11.2009: Sykdom- IGJEN!
Yesterday afternoon I got fever and didn`t feel well. This weekend races also made my bronkies a litle to irritaded, so I`m not feeling for training right now. I`m not having fever today, that`s a good thing. If I train tomorrow, I don`t know yet. Hopefully I will be 100% again before the 5k on saturday at Hamar. It`s hard to say why I get this now, but a lot of the skaters in the group has had the same kind of thing. I`ve been dooing my best to be healty, but some things you cannot lead.

17.11.2009: Berlin&Heerenveen
The two first world cups are done. I`ve got to 8th places on the 3k, with the time 4.10,00 and 4.10,03. The first race in Berlin was better than the second one in Heerenveen. But I`m glad I still can perform on a decent level on a heavy day. I`m very relieved that I allready qualified to the olympics. I was very excited to see what my form was like before the races in Berlin last weekend. I`ve also skated 1500m in the world cups. 2.01,74 in Berlin and 2.02,21 in Heerenveen. 1500m is an important distance for speed training for 3 and 5k. And my race in Heerenveen felt a lot better than my first 1500m for the season in Berlin. I had to do two inner corners till outer corners, because it would be a crash in the crossing without. So I know I can do some things better next time! On sunday I did team pursuit with Ida and Hege. The result was ok. We had only done a 300m together the day before, so the preparations for the race was everything other than good...

30.10.2009:Ledig sponsorplass!
My contract with my mainsponsor for the last 4 years are done,so I`m searching now for a new. If you are interested in this logo spot on the right chest, let me know!

30.10.2009: På plass i Berlin!
This year I had to watch the Norwegian Championships from the side. It was a pitty not to be able to start there, but afterwards I`m sure that was the smartest thing to do. But I`m very happy for my brother Sverre who did really well last weekend. Silver, bronze and a 4th place was his results. It was fun to see him doing the things he`s been practesing on. I`m also happy that we`re both taken out for world cups.

Yesterday the nationalteam went to Berlin. Here is it opening of the world cups next weekend. I`m glad there is still one more weekend before the gun goes off! My technic is improving day by day. It takes time to build up the specific strenght again. But I`m working on it!

21.10.2009: Ingen NM-start
Today I decided, with my coaches and the team doctor, to not start in the Norwegian Championships next weekend. The bacterial infection I struggeled with in 12 days is now out ouf the system, but since I`m trying to build up my form again, it would be stupid to start in a competition after only 4 days with ok training. I`m not ready for competitions yet. Offcourse I`m dissapointed for this, but I believe doing the right things now will bring me back in shape in short time.

19.10.2009: Statusrapport
Yesterday I was able to do some slideboarding again. It was over 14 days since last time I was doing skating imitations, so the first couple of series was just to get used to it. The rest of the series was ok, my focus was on the technic. I`ve been taking it easy in this periode, the body needs to recover from a time without not much food and beeing sick. Now I can eat normally again and I feel better for each day.

15.10.2009: I lett trening igjen.
I`ve now got the test results back, and they have found bacterias in them. That means that I`ve eat something that has not been good. Excactly what is not easy to say. Normally everything should be fine in these days, so I`ve started with easy training again. Yesterday I went for an hour walk, and today I`ve been jogging a litle. I think it`s important to take small steps at this time, so I will just train easy the next days as well. The intensive work have to wait. Also ice training and races have to wait till I`m fully recovered.

12.09.2009: Ventetid...
Beeing patient is not an easy thing. To use time on "the things that need time" seems to be so useless. I can not stand waiting and for example do I rather drive a long trip around the highway, than stand in line moving 5km/h. Fishing is maybe the only thing I can do, without feeling stressed when nothing happens.

But sometimes, you need to wait. Like now for example. I`m still not good after the food poison 9 days ago, and it will still take some days before I can start to train again. So now I`m waiting for the stomach to start to normalize. When I can start to train again, I don`t know,but hopefully soon.

07.10.2009: Matforgiftning?

07.10.2009: Heerenveen
The camp in Heerenveen is over. We came home yesterday evening after 9 days in Holland. The ice in Thialf is always pretty good, and this time was not an exception. Besides ice training, we did dry land, strenght and biking. Thanks to Johan Rijwielen for letting us borrow bikes from him! It saved us for a lot of extra "problems" with luggage and stuff, and it was nice to do cycling after a lot of running in Berlin.

Tecnically I felt good on the ice. No big changes, I just work for making the good positions even better. On saturday I skated my first race for the season, 1000m and 3k. 1000m was a shock for the body. Feeling stiff and skating on a "easy" way is not a good combination for sprint distances, and the time 1.22,8 doesn`t scary anyone. But the two laps were quite consistant so I can draw some positive things out of it. I was skating 3k about an hour later, and that went better. 4.14,5 is a good time, and especially when I think about what kind of job I`ve been doing and that we are in the beginning of October.

20.09.2009: Berlin-update
The stay in Berlin is soon over, and tomorrow we`re going home. We had six good days here in the German capitol. The ice is fast and we`ve done a lot of good stuff in skating position. As last year, we`re keeping the dryland sessions even when it`s possible to skate on ice. It`s good for learning better technique and it makes it easier to skate in a good position. The focus on this camp has primarily been on technique and loads, but it`s also fun to feel some speed again now and then. I stay home for five days, then we`re going to Thialf and more days on ice.

11.09.2009: Snart klar for Berlin!
After three good weeks of training, I`m now having some easy days. It`s really important to take it easy after a hard periode, so the body get a chance to respond to all the good work that has been done. On tuesday, we`re going to Berlin and stays for 6 days. So I`m hoping the body has recovered good by then. But before that, I`m really excited to see my best friend getting married on saturday!

26.08.2009: Tøffe dager...
Now it`s been a week since last time, and the tough training has startet. But I feel good about being able to push the limits again, because I know it`s nesesary to get up on another level. Last year this had been the wrong thing to do, but now I feel like the time is right to work hard again!

18.08.09: Ringeriksmaraton
I came home from Hamar on friday. We had a good training camp there, and did a lot of good training during the 14 days of ice at the Vikingskip. On saturday I ran a stage for my sponsor and job partner, Veiby, when the annual Ringeriksmarathon was arranged. The stage was 5,1 km long, and I used appr. 20.40, something I`m very satisfied with. I didn`t feel like a runner before start, with lots of heavy skating work in the legs... But it all went good, and now I have some rest days before I take up training again on thursday.

12.08.2009: "Sånn går no dagan"
After beeing home for some days, I`m now back at Hamar and the ice. The rink is still very cold, but the ice seems to be a litle bit better. Since last week, I`ve been testing out new skating shoes. But after a lot of testing, I`m now back on my shoes from last year. But I have now fixed the "tongue", so I can move my knees more forward and have more flexibility in the ancle in the corner. It feels better, at first it was a big change but now it`s working good.

03.08.2009: Is i Vikingskipet
Now I`m at Hamar, on summer ice. I`ll stay here more or less the next 14 days. Here I will continue testing equipment and still do a lot of basic training. Many wonders why I spend so much time using on testing out new stuff. But I have not a pair of skates I can say is 100% good, and I would rather use some extra days now at the summer to decide what to skate on this winter, than beeing just ok satisfied with the stuff I use today. This is taking a lot of energy to do, not to talk about the mental aspect. Feeling differences between the boots and the blades is not easy, but hopefully I will find out the best equipment to use for the season. After training in great conditions in Thialf, Ì hoped for quite ok conditions on Hamar as well. But the conditions here are not at the same level, and the poor ice quality challenges the quality of the training session.But maybe it will be better in some days, when they have managed to do some more preparations on it.

03.08.2009: Og vinneren er...

21.07.2009: KONKURRANSE!!

19.07.2009: Is og fjelltur
From monday till thursday, I was again in Holland for skating. Testing new equipment and working more with technical details was on the main program for this periode. Still not everything is 100% by the equipment, but I hope that during the time on Hamar I will have a good working pair.

On friday I went up to the mountains, and yesterday I went for a 7,5 hour long walk in beautiful nature!

01.07.2009: Is under beina!
I came home on monday evening after spending four days on ice at Thialf. It was really fun to feel the ice again, and I did do a lot of testing on new equipment during the stay in Holland. I hope that I will find the best equipment solution for me before the summer ice on Hamar starts in the end of the month. Before that, I will go to Holland a second time for more skating!

26.06.2009: Snart klar for is!
Today I`m travelling to Holland. Thialf is opening tomorrow, and I`m looking forward to get ice under my feets again. I will test out some new equipment, and I hope I can find a good solution both for the boots and the blades.

I`m still training a lot and do not feel much of the tooth operation I did 10 days ago. On monday I went up to Skorpebu in Hallingdalen. It was a really nice trip and it was still a lot of snow in the area. On the highest point we stood on 1682 meters over sea level. That`s a PB for me in Norway!

16.06.2009: Visdomstann...
Yesterday, I took out a tooth I`ve been struggeling with for quite a while. I`ve had inflamation in the flesh around the tooth for a long time and now I`m just relieved that the tooth is out and looking forward to not have any pain there anymore. I`ve got antibiotics so I have to stay away from training for some days.

13.06.2009: 8 mnd igjen...
Today the olympics are only 8 months away. The time runs away and I feel my body is coping heavy training loads and lots of hard work! I`m motivated to do the job I know is needed and I have a lot of fun trying to build up the body in its best way. I`ve also worked a lot the last couple of weeks getting sponsors. And now it looks like we`re about done. Since last we have signed a contract with the Tronrud Gruppen, which will be one of out main sponsors the coming season. We`re really happy about this contract and are looking forward to a good coopertion with them. On monday I will pull out a tooth that has been bothering me for too long...

02.06.2009: Ei fin helg!
On saturday I was competing in my first cycling race ever. 155km long, and starting in a group of 40 people made me a litle bit worried in the beginning. It`s so easy to fall when you are not used to have such a big group around you. But I was reaching the finish line in 4h45min and without any fall. We had beautiful weather and no wind so it was a great day on the bicycle. On sunday I took a short bike ride before I went to my parents cabin. It`s so nice to go up there and leave the phone inside and grab the fishing poll and the boat out to a litle island. I had wonderful time there with my family, and my mum and I cought a 200g trout! Cool! After a litle running on sunday, I went to a family birthday for my aunt and uncle. Really good food and so nice to see everybody again!

29.05.2009: Utfordringer
I think it`s good to be challenged every now and then, and I`ve trying to get my self to "new places" lately. On monday I was walking up the Mørkgånga, it was a really special experience! Mørkgånga is a narrow and steep ditch between some big rocks not far away from where I live. I`ve never been walking up there before, mostly because I`m scared of hights... But it`s good to push the limits sometimes! The weather was beautiful that day, and we had a fenomenal view when we reached the top. Tomorrow I`m taking a new challenge: doing my first bike race ever. 155km is the distance, and the race is called Randsfjorden Rundt. I`m going to bike in a group that has a goal to do the race in 5hours, the most important thing for me is to get in a good workout. I do not need to be cooked tomorrow...

25.05.2009: Banken er med!
As last year, our local bank Sparebank 1 Jevnaker will be the general sponsor of me and my brothers team. We`re glad that the are willing to stay with us for another season, and this cooperation is very important for our team. Without, it would be hard to be able to prepare as wanted before next season.

05.05.2009: Testing
Today was a the first testing day for this season. I did some endurance tests, both threshold profile and max vo2 test. The threshold test was quite good, and I`m happy with my results. The max vo2 test was at a normal level for this time a year. I have not done much running training lately, so I`m sure that the working economy will be better after some more long runs! But, now I have a point to start from and I can do a good job before the next test I do in July or so.

01.05.2009: Klar til innsats!
Today I started with training again. First time training on rollers this season, and I can allready feel that it`s been a while since last time I was doing something like that. But I`m happy I can start training again, and I will use the first couple of weeks to built up a good base again. On tuesday I will do a endurance test again. I`m sure the winter has been good for me, and I look forward to see what level I`m at for the moment.

27.04.2009: Skarverennet!
I participated in Skarverennet on saturday, which is a 38km long cross country race going from Finse (1222meter over sea level) to Ustaoset (about 1000m.o.s) I used 2h31min on the course, and that`s something I`m happy about. The weather was so nice, but it made the conditions quite hard. The snow was loose, and I got litle speed out of a lot of effort. But the hard work was giving results, I won the three bets I had set on forehand, and that was my only goal for the trip, so I`m happy! I have to thank Ustekveikja Energi for a great weekend at Geilo!

16.04.2009: Oppvarming
I`ve now startet to train a litle bit again. I had a nice easter holliday together with family and friends. And since the weather was good, I got in a lot of cross country skiing. I`m used to train a lot, so I`m not really found of staying in the sofa for too long. But it`s been nice to meet my friends and my family again. And doing other activities than I usually do. The last couple of weeks before May starts, I will train easy and "warm up" before 1st of May. Yesterday I was testing my bicycle, and that was fun. Tomorrow I`m planning to do some cross country skiing. I have some betting going on at "Skarverennet", a skiing race the 25th of april, so I better be prepared...

05.04.2009: Påskeferie!
We have now startet the easter holiday. Yesterday did I try my alpine skiis again, after five years of waiting! Kvitfjell is the mountain where the downhill for the men in the 1994`s Olympics was arranged. I`ve only been there one time before, and the courses is not the best for such a amateur as I am, but I had a lot of fun there and I got some good help from some of my cousins! The course conditions were good, the weather was super and I had a great day on snow! Today has also the weather been good, so I`ve been using my cross country skiis today in the area where I live. It`s nice to spend time outside when the weather is so beutiful as it has been the last couple of days. I wish you all a wonderful easter!

02.04.2009: Oppsummering
Now it`s been a while since the last competition in Vancouver and I`ve got things on some kind of distance. I`m very satisfied with the season overall. I`ve had some good performances during the season, and I feel I just got better and better. I`m so happy I`m able to fight on the ice rink again. Still I`ve got a way to go, before I`m "there", but I have to look at my starting point a year ago, and look at how far I`ve come on 12 months. I`m motivated again, and I`m very happy for doing what I did last spring when I decided to train on another program. I finally feel some joy competing again. It may sound weird, but I`m glad I can be "good tired" again! Thanks to everyone that follow me and my progress on the ice rink!

20.03.2009: Late dager
Now I`m back home in Norway and I`ve used some time to wash clothes and fix stuff that is not getting fixed while I`m on the road. I`ve only been training ones this week, I had a really nice time skiing for the first time this year (cross country) on wednesday. After that, I got the flu and had to take some easy days off training. It`s not the worst time to get something like this, so I try to use the time on school work instead.

14.03.2009: Sesongslutt...
Now the season 2008/09 history. I would love to finish an allready great season in a better way than I did today. 5k was a hard race, from start to finish. After a good 3k on thursday, I believed that I could do a good race today. Unfortunately, I wasn`t able to do that. And I have no explenation for why it didn`t work out better. Maybe I was to passiv, maybe I just didn`t have the day. I really don`t know. But I can`t do anything about it now, so I`m just leaving that race behind. It`s better to think of all the good experiences I`ve had this season. When I look at it, it`s not too bad to be top 10 at the longest distances now, after some trouble for some years. And I wasn`t even dreaming about this results a year ago, when I was starting on a new program. I can bring a lot out of this season when I`m planning the next one. In the end; I would like to congratulate mr.Bøkko with two great silver medals so far! I`m impressed by the way he`s skating and performing!

11.03.2009: VM i Vancouver!
I arrived yesterday in what will be next years olympic host city, Vancouver. This week is the world championships singledistance held here in Richmond Olympic Oval. This is a brand new rink, and it looks really good. Both inside and outside! I tested the ice today, and I think it remindes me a litle bit of Hamar and/or Heerenveen. The ice is quite hard but has a good grip, so I think the ice will be good for me. I have 3k on the program tomorrow. I hope I`m able to do a race like I did last weekend in SLC. But offcourse, I don`t think we can expect such good times, we are here on sea level compared to 1350m in SLC. But I hope I can do a good technical race, and I believe that the race tomorrow will be good for my 5k on saturday.

08.03.2009: Gode løp i USA
Now the last world cup for the season is over. I`m happy with my last races here. The 3k on friday was a good race, and my time 4.04,13 is my 4th fastest time ever on this distance. It`s cool to see that the gap between me and Sablikova also is getting smaller. Now it was only 5,5sec compared to Hamar where it was 7 sec. I think I still can get a better form next weekend, the races I did this weekend will do me good! The 1500m was also a good technical race. I still loose to much in the first 300m. 15th place and 1.57,73 is still a good result for me on this distance! I travel to Vancouver on tuesday. I`m excited to try the ice there and to see the rink. The picture is taken by Kees Molenaar.

01.03.2009: På plass i SLC!
It was a long trip to Salt Lake City. It took about 24 hours, but actually it didn`t feel that long this time. Offcourse, you can feel that you are not in tip-top shape the next morning after such a trip, so I took it easy the first day here. I went for some walking in the morning and a easy jog in the afternoon. I did do some jogging this morning as well, before we took off to the go cart center! It was a lot of fun to drive those carts around the course! Since it`s a huge time difference here, compared to Norway and altitude as well, it`s important to keep yourself busy at day time, so you don`t fall a sleep in the middle of the day. Then it`s even harder to get a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I will try out the ice here, I `ve heard it`s fast!

26.02.2009: Siste is-økta ute!
Today I had the last outdoor training session for this season. Thank`s to the ice makers on Geithus for making good training conditions everytime I train there. The session I had there today was a good one and I`m travelling tomorrow to U.S with a good feeling, knowing that I`ve done my preparations as good as possible. I`ve soon done packing up for almost three weeks on the road, I`m looking forward to it!

24.02.2009: Siste finpuss...
Now it`s only some days left before I travel over the sea to make the two last competitions for this season. I can`t believe that the season is over in three weeks... First we have the world cup finale in Salt Lake city (6th - 7th of March) and then world championships single distances in Vancouver the 13th- 15th of March. I`ve been doing good stuff on training the last weeks and I`m hoping this will make me skate fast in the last part of the season!

15.02.2009: 4.plass på 5000m!
The world cup weekend in Heerenveen is over, and I`m satisfied with my results! My 4th place yesterday was a big surprise for me, and the time 7.05,85 is the 2nd fastest time I`ve performed in Europe. It was only 8/10 of a second behind the bronze! After last weekends hard races at Hamar, I`ve not been feeling top here in Holland. My legs have felt heavy and my throat has been soar, so I`m glad I still can perform good without having the good feeling before start. On 1500m today I felt a litle bit tired. But my time, 2.00,86 is a good time compared to the podium times, so I`m satisfied with that. My goal technically on 1500m is to sit a bit lower and push longer, so maybe I`m able to do that in some weeks?? Now I will spend some time home, before we travel to Salt Lake City and the world cup finale.

10.02.2009: Folkefest på Hamar!
The World Championships at Hamar was an amazing competition! I would like to say thank you to everyone that showed up at Hamar this weekend. You all gave me a really great experience! I also want to congratulate Bøkko with his silver medal and a fantastic well done championships! I`m satisfied with my own results. On the three shortest distances did I make new season best times. And I was surprised that my race on the 5k was good enough to get the 5th place on that distance. It`s really good to see that the gap betweeen the podium and my self is getting smaller. I believe I can still do some good races in the five weeks that we`ve got left of the season. Next weekend will give me new possibilities to skate good races. This time I have 5k on saturday and 1500m on sunday on the program. I will travel to the Netherlands tomorrow. Photo: Kirsti Biseth

02.02.2009: Bra 3000m!
The races in Erfurt went well. 2.01,34 on friday (1500m) and 15th place. It was a good workout for improving the speed, and I`m quite happy about that race. The 3k the next day was a better race, and I`m glad I was able to do what I had planned to do before start. My plan was to open hard, something that I haven`t been able do do earlier this season. So I`m really happy I could do it now, only one week before the world championships starts at Hamar. I got the time 4.09,82 and 12th place. The distance to the podium was only 3,2 sec, and I know it`s some time since the distance was this close. That is giving me good motivation before next weekends great competition at Hamar. I`m going to Hamar tomorrow to prepare for the WCh.

28.01.2009: WC i Erfurt.
I go tomorrow to Erfurt, where it`s a world cup this weekend. I`ve been keeping the training volume up also this week, so I`m starting to "feel" it a litle bit now. That`s normal and that`s the way it should be, only a couple of weeks before the biggest goal of this season. I`ve been training with higher intensity this week, and I`m sure that this will pay off the 7.-8th of february! Focusing on putting on enought rest between the days is also important in this periode. On days with only one trainig it`s important to get the focus off skating and training while I`m not there. So yesterday I was cleaning my apartment and doing a lot of laundry, just keeping my self busy with something else. So now everything should be ok before I travel tomorrow!

25.01.2009: Testløp
I went up to Hamar on Thursday. Yesterday did I do some testraces. 500m and 1500m was on the schedule. 500m was a bad race. 42,56 is not a good time. I think the trainig volume the last week has something to do with the result. My 1500m was a better race. 2.02,6 is probably the best 1500m race I`ve done this season. I did some good technical stuff in the race and my time was about only 10 sec behind my brother who won the distance. That`s positive after a week with good trainings loads. The conditions in the rink was not that good, so I`m optimistic about the race next week in Erfurt, Germany. I`m going to keep the loads up the following week, before I hope the top form will arrive at the World Championships at Hamar 7.-8th of February.

18.01.2009: Rolig uke.
One week has gone since the European Championships and I`ve had a easy training week. Last weekend I got trouble with my nose again, and on monday I had to start on antibiotics. This problem has been present more or less since early december. I hope that the antibiotics work and kills the problem! I`ve been able to train easy and besides that I`ve been trying to recover from last weeks races. A weekend like that, with four distances, takes a lot of energy. Both from your body but also from your mind. So afterwords, it`s important to take it easy so you recover fully from it. Now I feel better and I`m looking forward to do some more speed work in the next weeks.

12.01.2009: Nr. 9 i EM
The European Championships are over and I finished in place 9th. Something that I`m happy about. I`ve felt a good progress during the last week before start, and I`m satisfied with how I skated the races. I had a good technical feeling in the races, so now the next step is to skate good in high speed. Right now I don`t feel very comfortabled in high speed, just because I have done very litle of that work yet. This championships were a important step to be able to make a good championships in Hamar in four weeks. My goal for the races in Thialf was to qualify for the biggest goal for this season, the world championships allround at Hamar 7.-8.february.

27.12.2008: Svar på konkurransen!!
I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas. I`ve been relaxing and eating good food at my parents place this Christmas. Now I`m on Hamar where I will be untill monday.

21.12.2008: NM-GULL!!
It was a hard battle to bring home the gold this weekend. It`s a long time ago since I`ve been so tired after races... All weekend I`ve been feeling not good, but I think this comes from the periode where I was ill after the camp on Lanzarote. So now I hope the form comes during christmas, so it will be more fun to skate again later this winter! Earlier this week I felt better, so let`s hope it`s just the energy that`s missing before I`m on the right course again! The picture is taken by Arve Aasen

19.12.08: NM på Gol!
The national allround championships starts tomorrow at Gol. It`s no secret that the preparation for this event could have been better, but nothing to do with the days I "lost" during the cold. This week I`ve been training like I would normally do, and the ice sessions have been with high technically quality. I know I can skate well, it`s just a matter of believing it and have fun on the ice. Tomorrow I have 500m and 3k on the program. I have good memories from this rink, since I won my first allround title for juniors here. Let`s hope the weather gods keep an eye on the place, so everyone gets the same conditions. Since the rink is outdoor and with natural ice, it`s always a chance of variable conditions. Now I`m also done with my examns. I took my last test today at the police station at Gol. I`m really happy my school allows this, so I can finish the classes I start on. I`ve also got the message today that I passed both of the two other examns I`ve had for this semester. So now it`s christmas time!

15.12.2008: I gang igjen
Finally I can train again,after almost 2 weeks with sinus problems. This is not ideal preparations before the national championships next weekend, but it`s nothing I can do about it. Now I will change some on my training plan during the christmas. Even if I lost some training days during the last two weeks, I feel safe about what I`ve done of work earlier this season and that this will help me getting on "track" in quite short time. It`s no secret that my form is not top at the moment, but I`m happy I`m able to train again and that is a reason how I can manage to create a top form later this winter! Photo: Kirsti Biseth

10.12.2008: NY KONKURRANSE!!

06.12.2008: Trening og eksamen
I had three days without training because of the cold I got. Now I`m back in training, but my nose is still not 100%, so I`m not skating any races this weekend. The most important thing is to get healthy again. I`ve still got two more exams to do before I can take time off from school work. Next tuesday is my next one, and the 3rd and last test is the 19th, the day before the national championships starts on Gol. Besides that, we have great winter weather here now! The temperatur is perfect and we have plenty with snow, so tomorrow I will try my skiis again!

02.12.08: Fra sommer til vinter!
From 25C and beautiful weather,till snow and cold weather... It`s amazing how big changes you can get only by flying 5 hours! I came home last night from a great training week on Lanzarote. We have trained good the whole week. Our main focus now has been to do a lot of basic training with a some volume. Over the 7 days have we done long rides on the bike, dry land training, strenght, sprint and jumps, and easy alternative training. We haven`t had the time to lay in the sun, but still I`ve got some tan in the long cycle rides. It was fun training with Anni and her team and this camp. Maybe we go back to Lanzarote next year as well. Yesterday, my plan was to train one session before we we`re heading back to Norway. But when I woke up, I had a sore throat so now I`m taking it easy for some days. Tomorrow I have my first of three examns, so I can atleast use my head on something good!

27.11.2008: Trening i sola!
The days on Lanzarote is flying away. The days content of much training. In the morning we do one really good training session, and in the evening we uses to have one easyier session. Staying here is good for mind and body. Getting some sun and doing easy training is really charging the batteries.

24.11.2008: Lanzarote!!
Now we change from skates to cycling equipment and get ready to a week in Lanzarote! It was really close that Sverre made the flight from Moscow yesterday, and if he hadn`t made that flight he wouldn`t be going to Lanzarote today. The reason why we go to Lanzarote is to get in a new training periode with more volum.

24.11.2008: Fra Moskva til Lanzarot
1500m yesterday was a ok race. I`m not making that much speed in the start, and have to "chase" during the whole race. Technically I felt good in the race, so I`m quite confident that I can do some good races when I start to do more tempo work later this season. So far, I have not done any tempos without the races I`ve done, so hopefully this will be better in some months. I`m really happy for my brothers race yesterday, he set a new PB with 6 seconds and won the b-group. Now he can finally test him self with the best ones in the World Cup in Erfurt in January.

22.11.2008: Seseongdebut 5000m
The first 5k for the season is done. I did 7.08 and got place 8th. I`m really happy about the way I did the race. It was very consistant and I did lap times within a second. From 33,4 to 34,4. In the first couple of laps, I was "testing" the speed a litle bit, it`s been a long time since last 5k. I`m most happy with the last part of the race, that I could keep the pace up. This is positive, and I feel I`m where I should be at this moment. Tomorrow is 1500m. That`s a whole lot different distance, and I`m going to work on a lower position and a longer push.

17.11.2008: Hjemme igjen!
The world cup in Heerenvees is over. I did skate 3 distances this weekend, 3000m friday, 1500m saturday and team pursuit on sunday. The 3k was hard from start to finish and I felt I was working really hard to keep up the pace. Technically I felt better on the National Championships on Hamar, and espesially the corners felt better at that time. I got 13th place on 3k with 4.13 and appr.8,6sec from the winner Groenewold. Looking at this, I feel I did a good job with the form I have right now. 1500m works better and better. 2.01 and 16th place i group A is ok. I`ve not skated with the girls I did the team pursuit with yesterday, Ida Njåtun and Hege Bøkko, but I think we did a good job for those 6 laps! Picture is taken by Naomi Schläger

13.11.2008: WC Heerenveen
The days in Heerenveen has gone so quick, and allready tomorrow it`s my next race. I`ve been training the way I wanted here, and I even found a hill I could use on my dry land workout the other day! The ice sessions have been good. Both the ice and the temp in Thialf seems to be colder than Berlin. I like it here, and I`m looking forward to 3k tomorrow. Now, I`m just done with massage and should be ready for 7,5 laps of hard working...

09.11.2008: Opprykk!
The world cup opening in Berlin went quite well for me. I won both the 1500m and the 3k in group B, and will start in group A next weekend! I`m happy about my races, and both the races were quite flat races. On the 3k I had lap times from 32,4 - 33,6. I feel sorry for my brother who couldn`t start in any races this weekend, he got sick. But I know he will come back stronger!

05.11.2008: På plass i Berlin

02.11.08: 2.dag NM
3k today was a good experience! 4.13,30 and 1st place is a good result, but most important is the feeling of beeing "back on track" again. Things start to work out good, both technically and psyically in the race. Next weekend I`m skating the world cup in Berlin. Sverre did do a great job in this weekend and he`s also ready for the world cups! Photo: Kirsti Biseth

01.11.08: 1.dag NM
First day of the Norwegian Championships is over, and I`m quite happy with my results. My 500m was ok, the time 41,75 is 43/100sec better than the race I did 2 weeks ago, but I`ve still got a lot to improve on this distanse. On the 1500m I had a good feeling, and was trying to copying some of the good stuff I`ve been doing on training into the race. I think it worked out in a good way and my time 2.01,78 is the 3rd fastest time I`ve performed in Norway ever. Before start I didn`t think of times or places, so getting the gold and performing that time is just bonus. I`m starting on 3k tomorrow. On this distance my focus will be to get in a good rythm and keep steady lap times.

29.10.2008: NM enkeltdistanser
Now the national championships are only a few days away, and I`m looking forward to compete again! I have to admit that I`m excited to see how my form are developing at this time of the season. I`ve been having some good sessions outdoor in Drammen the last week, but I`m looking forward to go indoor again. Maybe I don`t have to sharpen my skates everyday after skating in the Vikinskipet...The ice are ready for use on Hamar today, but I`m not going up there until tomorrow. Today I don`t have any ice session. On Saturday I skate 500 and 1500m and on Sunday I do the 3k.

24.10:2008: Trening i Drammen
Yesterday I was training on the out door rink in Drammen. This was my first session in out door conditions, but I feel I handled the wind and the rain on a good way. The plan was to skate there on tuesday also, but then the ice was not ready to skate on. The weather had been too warm to make ice. So then I did slide board instead. This weekend is a training weekend, my next races will be in the national championships next weekend.

20.10.2008: Norges Cup 1
I skated 3 distances this weekend on Hamar. 500 and 1500m on saturday and 3k on sunday. I got the times 42,18 - 2.03,44 - 4.19,74.I`m not thinking too much about the times I did now, the most important thing for me is to be capable to do some of the stuff I do good on training in the races. To feel that the body is working with me and that the technic are better now in the races makes me happy. These races are the only tempos I`ve done so far this season, so I`ve got a lot to improve on my speed. But I think that will be working better and better when I start to do more and more races. I also think that the technic was working better this weekend, and my lap times were more even now. So I`m taking it step by step still, and believes that I can do some good stuff later this season! (Picture is taken by Kirsti Biseth)

17.10.2008: Norges Cup 1
Tomorrow I`m skating 500 and 1500m in the first Norwegian Cup in Hamar. On sunday I will do a 3k again. It`s good to get some more races in before the National Championships,the first weekend of November. The first couple of days this week were quite easy ones, and I spent some more time on the school. And now we`ve had some normal training days again, and are back on Hamar. It`s a litle weird, but I feel the hard training weeks first in the easy week that follows the hard ones. Then it takes some days with normal training again, before everything feels ok again. Now I hope my body had enought rest, and are ready for new work!

12.10.2008: Sesongdebut
Yesterday I did my first races for the season. 1500m and 3k was on the program, and I got the times 2.04,81 and 4.21,06. It`s not scary fast times, but it`s atleast a start for me. I haven`t done any speedwork or tempotraining so these races are good traning for me. Next weekend I get a new chance in the first norwegian cup. I have still some things to improve technically, but both races were positive experiences and I`m looking forward to the next ones.

09.10.2008: Hamar
Long time since last update. Finally I have delivered my school task, and can relax a litle again. At least for some days. On saturday I will skate my first competition for this season. 1500m and 3k are the distances I will skate. It`s two hard distances, but it`s important and good training for me. I`m going to use the first couple of races as speed training, and I`m not expecting tip-top shape now. I`ve been keeping up the large training loads until these races, and that`s why I`m keeping my shape "on hold" a litle further. Hamar was my training location last week also, and the conditions in the rink is better that it was in the summer. On friday I met some young and talented skaters from my home town, Jevnaker. And it will be fun to watch them this weekend, hopefully many will set some new PB`s!

06.10.08: Svar på konkurranse 2

29.09.2008: Konkurranse 2

29.09.2008: Svar på konkurransen!

22.09.08: KONKURRANSE!!

22.09.08: Testing
Endurance test on the program today. The results were good, my threshold is now higher than before, and I`m hoping to get my capasity out on the ice as well. That`s the most important thing!

16.09.2008: Hjemme igjen!
Last night, I came home from a good training camp in Berlin. During the 11 days I spent there, I was doing a lot of training. Both ice training and dry land training. This week will be an easier week. It`s important to let the mind and body get a litle bit rest after a periode with a lot of training and attention on each training. I feel my technic has improved since last ice periode, and espesially the corners feels better. Now I`m looking forward to keep developing this technic on Hamar in the beginning of ocotber. Before that, I have a endurance test again next monday the 22nd. I`m excited to see how my level is now, after a lot of time on the ice.

07.09.08: Berlin
August is over, and I`m happy the way I trained the last month. I went to Berlin on Thursday, and I will stay here untill the 15th. I`ve been on the ice two times, and the ice feels good. It`s fun to skate again! The temperature here is quite different to what it was in Norway when we left, here it`s about 20 degrees now. Good conditions for cycling. The focus on this camp is good training loads in good skating positions.

27.08.2008: Nye tider!
The Olympics are over. It was a lot of impressing performances in Beijing, and I would like to congratulate all the norwegian athletes who did great. It gives me inspiration and motivation to see other who fights hard to fullfill their dreams. Now I`ve started on school again, and this semester I will take three classes. As you can see, I`ve got a "new" web site. Thanks to my web master for all help! I`ve kept the frame and put some new stuff on the inside of it. New pictures are now available! My brother, Sverre, has also a new site. Check out www.sverrehaugli.com

22.08.08: Stål til salgs!

17.08.2008: Ringeriksmaraton
Yesterday I was competing in Ringeriksmaraton, an 42195meters long event from Vik to Jevnaker (my hometown). But I was not running all those meteres, I only ran about 10km in the relay class, and I think it was especially fun to be on the winning team for the elite mix class. A lot of promesing and good athletes were on this team: Frode Andresen and Solveig Rogstad from biathlon, Anders Aukland from cross coutry skiing, Rune Fenne, Ingunn Opsal and Gunhild Halle Haugen from track and field, and my brother Sverre. My stage was 4,64km long and I was running as hard as I could from the beginning to the end! I was so tired when I sent out my brother for the next stage. I think I used about 18.15 on my stage. But it`s nice to feel that I now can really push my body, knowing that I`ve been training "normal" before this great event! I think it`s good to do some competitions now and then,and I`m already looking forward to next years race and I hope to be in an even better running shape then!

10.08.2008: Tv-tid
Now I`m home again after another good periode on Hamar. I had some good sessions on the ice, and had a lot of good quality in skating position. I feel I have reached another level technically again after the camp in Heerenveen, almost a month ago. Now it`s “back to basic” and it will stay that way until beginning of September . then we are going to Berlin for a new ice camp. But before that I`m going to follow the Olympics from Beijing closely from the sofa! I`m found of nearly all kinds of sports, so it`s good timing that the Olympics are on television the next week when I`m having a week with less training. I feel that the weather has changed a bit the last couple of weeks, the fall is soon here. The picture is from a bicycle trip on Hamar where I had forgotten my shoe raincovers. Then I had to look for other properties so I could keep my feet dry as long as possible…

01.08.2008: "Perm"
I`m now home for some days before I go to Hamar again on monday. The ice training is a litle bit harder than all other trainings and it`s important to notice how the mucles responds on the ice training. So far the training has been working out good, and I start to like my new skates better and better. I`ve got a question if I would start in some test races soon, and the answear to that is no. I would keep on focusing on training good and skate races when the time is ready. It`s easy to save to much on some trainings on forehand before such competitions, which doesn`t meen a thing. I`m going to test my form in other competitions such as Ringeriksmaraton August 16th. (2 stages a 5km)

28.07.2008: Hamar
Now I`m back on ice, this time I`m on Hamar. It`s some differences between the conditions we had in Thialf 3 weeks ago, and what`s the reality here on Hamar. The temperatur in the rink is about 8-10C colder and as a result of this the ice get "icy" in no time. But; I can do skating again, and that`s the most important thing. I came up here on saturday and will this time stay to the 31st. Then I go home for some days, before I go up again the 4th-8th of August. I think the two first sessions have been positive, I`m working on a lot of the same things as I do on the rollers. And this time I feel the gap betweeen the rollers and the ice skates have been smaller than before. It takes less time to get used to the "new" equipment again, after changing from rollers to ice skates and the other way around.

14.07.2008: Nordmarka
This is what my shoes looked like, after a running session in the forrest... It was fun to run in a different terrain than I usually do, even if my shoes got dirty and wet. Yesterday I was in the same terrain, but then I was using my bicycle. That was also a lot of fun, and it`s a litle bit different to do cycling in the terrain compared to city cycling. I think the cycling session yesterday was both fun and challenging and it was nice to see some new places. This area is the place where I usually go cross country skiing in the winter time.

12.07.2008: Barmark
Now I`m back to dryland training and will keep it this way until the summer ice starts on Hamar in the end of July. On thursday it was rollerskating training again and I used the first couple of laps to get into the right technic. Yesterday I had some endurance tests again. I did both lactat profile and max VO2 test. I`ve improved quite a bit on these tests on only two months. This gives me faith that I`m doing some things right at the moment. But I still have a way to go and I will keep working on these things in the next months as well. Now I have to find my MTB and make it ready for tomorrows ride in the terrain. I`m looking forward to it!

06.07.08: Team Sparebank 1 Jevnaker
My brother, Sverre, and I are now "Team Sparebank 1 Jevnaker". We`re really glad and proud to have a co-operation with our local bank this season. The partners we have a co-operation with are making it possible to do top sport, and to go after our dreams. The last couple of years I`ve had PricewaterhouseCoopers as a generalsponsor and Coop Mega as a mainsponsor, and I`m really happy to continue this also for this season. Without the contribution from all of my partners and suppliers it would have been a lot harder to be an top athlete.

06.07.08: Bra samling!
I came home on thursday after 12 good days in the Netherlands. I`m satisfied with the camp and how I solved the technical challenges on the ice. This camp was also an excellent oppertunity to test out new equipment. It`s important to get confortable on it before the race season starts, and usually I`m giving up way to easy when I`m trying out new stuff. It`s too easy to go back to the old equipment, and this time my brother Sverre pushed me a litle bit to don`t give up the new things too early. Now I`m quite happy with my choice, and will skate the next season on both an another shoe and blade than I`ve done the last couple of years. This week will be a litle bit easier before I start to train "normal" again before I`m going to Hamar on summer-ice in the end of this month.

25.06.2008: Heerenveen
Now I`m in Heerenveen. We arrived on saturday, and will stay until the 3rd of july. They have summer-ice in Thialf at this time, so now I can finally try my ice skates again. It`s almost 5 months since last time I had them on, so I was a bit excited before the first session on the ice. But I`m feeling good on the ice, and I will use this periode espesially to get better on my skating technic. I will also keep training on the normal stuff as I do at home such as aerobic work on the bicycle and general strenght. The cycling roads here in Holland is much better than I`m used to in Norway, here they have their own roads for cycling something that makes it much safer. I`m also satisfied with the ice conditions in Thialf, I`ve never been here before at summertime, but I think the ice here is good.

14.06.2008: Kleivklyver`n
Today it was time for competition again. I was competing in a hillrace which has 400m up on the 2km long course. I used about 15.25 up the hill, and got 5th place I think. The winner used 14.11 and set a new course record. I was so tired under the race, but I`m glad I`m able to really push my body again. My brother Sverre won the mens competition and ran up the hill on 10.57, something I find really impressing. This time is second best ever in the history of this race, only Knut Aalien has performed better with 10.38 in 2000. Foto: Knut A. Ramsrud

09.06.2008: Lett uke
Now I`m finally having a easy week after many weeks with hard work. May was a good trainingmonth. I`ve started up with position training again and have kept up the good work on the endurance training and been trying to develope my technic further. On these areas we`ve now got some help from the wellknown coach Hans Trygve Kristiansen. I`m happy and I`m sure I`ve got a lot to learn. He will be with us on some trainings and is going to keep an eye on the whole traningplan. He has been in this game for a long time, and I think that it`s still a lot of the same thoughts for endurance and technic that are the same now as 15 years ago. And I also think that this will make my headcoach Knut Andreas Ramsrud better. Since last update I`ve been holding my breath, waiting for my testresults from my schoolwork... But they all went pretty good, so now I can start to prepare for next year! This weekend I was relaxing on my cabin. It`s nice to do something else for a couple of days. I`m planning to attend to a running-race next saturday, so next weekend won`t be that relaxing...

16.05.2008: Testing
On tuesday I had some endurancetests on Olympiatoppen in Oslo. Max VO2 and lactatprofile... The difference this year from the others, is that I now run instead of cycle. I feel I can push my self even harder on running than I can do on cycling. The results were ok. It`s good to take some tests now, to see where I am now, so I have a clue where I want to be in some months. Endurance is one of the most important things for me at this time of the year. I`m also done with my tests on school for now, so hopefully I know in some weeks if I`m done or have to do it all over again...

04.05.2008: Rulleskøyter
I`ve not been doing any skating exercise on 3 months, so I was really exited before todays session on the rollers. I was hoping my ancle would be fine. Usually I have to use some sessions to get used to the technic I use on the rollers, because it`s a litle bit different since we don`t have the clap system. But todays sessions was surprisingly good. It`s fun to do some training in skatingposition again. I`ve only been thinking about technic development in my head since I got injured, so it feels nice to finaly be able to do something about it.

26.04.2008: Skarverennet
It`s the 3rd time I`m competing in Skarverennet, a cross country competition over 38km. The weather is usaually great at this competitions weekend, and this year was no exception. This year I was using the whole day and enjoying the nice weather, instead of racing in the elite class. I didn`t want to take any chances with my ancle. I want to thank everyone at Ustekveikja Energi for a super weekend!

22.04.2008: Changes
A lot has happend since last update. Last thursday I desided to go out from the national team. I would like to stay there, because it should be the best oppertunity for the best skaters. After two seasons with not so good results, I`ve been looking back in my trainingdiary and been thinking about which changes I have to make to improve again on the ice. These changes are unfortunately not possible to make on this team, and then I have to do things on a different way. I have to take responsebility for my results and to find back to good form. This also means that I can spend more time at home and stay more on school and be able to see my familiy and friends more, which also is quite important in the "big picture". Knut A. Ramsrud will be my headcoach, and hopefully I will have "everything" ready in short time. I`m looking forward to start the trainingseason!

06.04.2008: Statistikk
It`s been some days now since last training, I`ve having a cold and have to take it easy. It`s boring to just stay on the sofa, but I`m watching tv when there`s good shows on so it`s ok. These days I`ve also been thinking about a facelift on my site. It was almost 43 000 who visited my site in 2007, and that was about 45% more than the year before. Thanks to everyone who have visited this site, I hope you come back soon again. If you have any coments about my page, or any ideas how to make it better, please send me a mail.

27.03.2008: Back to work...
Now the easter holiday is over, and it`s time to start working agian for a new season. I`ve had a vacation long enough now, and it feels good to finally start doing something again. During the easter hoilday I was taking it easy, and I had a lot of fun. I had some really nice tours in beautiful weather with my cross country skiis and I even tried to catch some fish, but without any result. The picture are from Brevik.